Art Program

Age group: 4 to 13 yrs
This is an art and handicraft program designed to stimulate the creativity of young learners. Through this, young learners would be able to have the opportunity to undergo a balanced early education in arts, mathematics and science. This program is recognized by Saito Academy as a complete art learning program suitable for young children, primary and secondary students. Learners who have completed this program would be exempted from the Saito Basic Course at Saito Academy.

Seven Steps

Drawing and Colouring Creating Backgrounds Drawing 3-D Scenery Drawing Comic Figures Simple Handicrafts Lively special effects to create animals, plants, fruits and vegetables

Course Structure

Learners’ Levels: Suitable for primary and secondary school students Course Duration: Three years Entry Requirements: None Teacher / Learner Ratio: 1:15 Course Session: 2 hours per week (to be allocated flexibly)