MELogic – Advantages to Parents & Teachers

  • Systematic & structured approach to measure level of children’s intelligence / IQ (high, average or low)
  • Easy-to-plan weekly varied creative tasks (without repetition) & special training schedules suitable for the level of age group
  • Acts as a good guide to plan next step for future schooling years by focusing on multiple intelligence
  • Enables free-learning activities that are oriented to the completeness of the individual child
  • Enables periodical knowledge status
  • Evaluation of children’s Children cannot cheat due to “SELF-CHECHING” & enjoy a sense of success
  • Ensures independent, self-directed and enjoyable learning & training
  • Excellent combination of cognitive & manual aspects of learning
  • Reliable, safe & excellent teaching material – compact, robust & stable
  • Always anywhere “Ready-to-use” – does not require extensive preparation
Advantages : The main topics in this course are
  • Brain DevelopmentThinking Skills
  • These help in improving the following skills in a child-
  • Logical Skill, Sequencing skill, Problem solving skill, Concentration,
  • Comparison skill, Hand and eye co-ordination
  • Recognition Skill, Developing new ideas, Categorization, Vocabulary
  • Development, Increase in perception
  • English