Kids English

Age group: 7 to 13 yrs

Giving Children the Gift of language

Kids English in associating with STAR GLOBAL EDUCATION teaches English to children in a fun and educational manner. Our centers are a place for your child to explorer the world of English through songs, games and stories. Our goal is to spark an interest, build confidence and motivate young learners to speak, read and write in English. It is a gift that can be kept for a lifetime! According to Andrea Micheli, a neuroscientist at University College London, It is better to learn early rather than late because the brain is more capable of adjusting or accommodating new languages by changing structurally. This ability decreases with time. “By giving your children an early start to a second or a foreign language also means that you are taking advantage of a brain that is still in the growth and developmental stages, a prime time for retaining learned language!

Beginner Level

Course Name: ESL LAUNCH


Course Name: ESL ORBIT

Advanced Level

Course Name: ESL GALAXY

Course Duration

Once In A Week, 2 Hours Level: ( Level, each level six months) Fees: Rs. 3800/- (Per Level) All our courses are aimed at ensuring that your child loses the fear of communicating confidently Teaching sessions would consist of debates, language games, extempore speech, grammar rules, listening exercises, & watching English movies. Certificate of completion would be awarded to all students. All students are encouraged appear for the TRINITY ESOL examination to get the international Certification.