Magic Maths

Age group: 7 to 13 yrs
Magic Maths uses the ancient tool the “Abacus” for right brain development. Through constant exploration and practice the children get the concept of numbers. Soon all the information is absorbed and processes faster in the mind. Arithmetic is extremely important for building up a solid academic foundation for children. Magic Maths Mental Arithmetic program is created to help children develop their latent mental power at an early stage.
Magic Maths

Benefits to Students

  • It will increase speed and accuracy and will boost up the memory power.
  • It will help to increase the learning ability, writing skills, endurance, logic and discovery.
  • It will promote the concentration as well as comprehension and will help to build the imagination and it will increase academic performance of the child.
  • Magic Maths trains children to face competition from early years and children learning capabilities will be increased.
  • Magic Maths will sharpen the child’s hearing power and gives a child self-confidence to compete in competitions.
  • Magic Maths will reduce the child’s carelessness and stress.
  • They are more superior to other students in rapid calculation’s skills, they develop better observation capabilities.