Math a Fun

Age group: 12 to 20 yrs

Math a Fun

Math a fun course is devised the syllabus to meet the requirements of students upwards of Class VII. Mathematics is considered the most difficult of all subjects, not only by common man but by the students and learned as well. Math a fun, if practiced regularly, helps increase analytical power and mental ability. It also reduces fear of math’s making it interesting as well as making it simple to solve problems.
  • The whole system is based on different more than 70 short cuts for solving complex sums. Utilizing the techniques derived from short cuts, calculation can be performed with ease and in a fraction of time.
  • The calculations can be carried out mentally. It allows a flexible calculations system meaning the student can use any method to arrive at an answer instead of “one correct method”.
  • Instead of a hotchpotch of unrelated techniques the whole system is unified and interrelated. The methods are complementary and easy.

Benefits of Math a Fun

  • Helps students to solve mathematical problems 10-15 times faster. Reduces burden as tables can be learned up to nine only.
  • It is a magical tool to reduce scratch work and improves calculations.
  • Increases confidence and concentration.
  • Being unique it brings instant recognition to its learners. Target group can also be students who are appearing for competitive exams etc where is a paper for arithmetic.
  • Helpful in competitive exams.


Addition Multiplication Vinculum
Subtraction Squares Cubes
Division Algebra Cubes roots
Square roots Decimal Percentage