Age group: 6 to 13 yrs
Superior sensory development is the bridge between our Left and Right Brains. Superior sensory development activation provides us the ability to access our Subconscious Mind which is responsible for our thinking, beliefs, attitudes and feelings. This is the greatest gift of Superior sensory development activation! Proof of Activated Superior sensory development is the ability of children to read, write, draw and paint blindfolded or with their eyes closed. Master Mind Institute is Launching Superior sensory development activation course and enables Superior sensory development activation in children through its Master Mind Course.

There are four major benefits the children get by participating in the program

  • Their left hemisphere & right hemisphere of the brain are balanced leading to improved motor skills. This will improve the performance in Sports, Drama, and Dance etc.
  • The ability to concentrate is increased tremendously. This ensures that their academic performance gets better and they score better in their examinations.
  • The emotional intelligence is improved leading to (1) improved relationships (2) solution orientation
  • Intuitive capabilities are strengthened. This ensures the decision making of children is proper and best for them and all.
  • Reading speed increases by 4 to 5 times with improved comprehension and memory. Parents learn and share ways & means to provide the best to their children

Some of the results already achieved by the children are:

  • Higher marks in tests conducted in schools
  • Participation and Winning in sports competitions
  • Setting of personal goals & creating an action plan to achieve them
  • Taking responsibility for their own studies

Benefits for Children

  • Happy state-of-mind
  • Improved concentration, comprehension and memory
  • Helps in eliminating the mugging habit
  • Reading speed increases by 3-5 times
  • Optimal usage of right and left brains
  • Self responsibility
  • Improved motor skills which translate in handwriting, sports, dance, music & other extracurricular activities Intuitive capabilities which helps in making right decisions Improved health, improved emotional intelligence and improved relationship in the family